December 21, 2019

Community Building

Quick gathering of notes, ideas, posts, suggestions, articles, practices and any other source we could get our eyes on. If any of these ideas are yours, first thank you for growing WCS! Second, if you would like credit and or for us to take it down, no problem… please just let us know!

BYOB – Bring your own beginner! Offer free entry to any dancer who brings a new dancer with them!

FREE Beginner Class – Straight forward, free beginner class at every dance.

Beginner Bullseye – Take a moment near the beginning of the social to ask all the beginners to stand up/raise their hand and introduce them, and tell everyone to ask them to dance.

Facebook ads for a free WCS intro class targeting people with interests in other social dances within a 3-5 mile radius. Make sure to have the Facebook pixel installed on your website so you can retarget them with more ads. To get the free class, they have to give you their email which you can use to build a relationship with them.