January 30, 2019

Event Directors

Hey Everyone!

We hope this serves as a worldwide resource for an easy view on all the happenings in WCS.

The intention is to have all Event Directors update this calendar with their dates for the foreseeable future, so dancers, pros, and other EDs can plan accordingly.

Please be aware, weekends are based on when the Saturday falls.

If you are an Event Director or Organizer and would like to add or confirm your event, please follow the link below to our Google Sheet and enter the basic title of your event in the FAR RIGHT Column on the corresponding row. Please understand this is not an advertising space, but more of a basic table for an easy view for dates.

Periodically we’ll move all new additions or confirmed dates to the main columns.


This is all new and a work in progress, please bare with us!

A couple notes:
– This list intends to be for all weekend events and workshop weekends, not one or two hour classes or nightly dances.
– At this time we will not be identifying which events are WSDC, NASDE, RST, etc. We want to keep this just a clean all-inclusive list.
– Please do your very best to have two years of your events listed on this calendar. Some people really do plan that far ahead!

Thank you for doing your part to grow WCS!

~ Demetre Souliotes

PS – Full disclosure, I’m a co-event director for The After Party. I intend this calendar to never favor my events, but if you see something I missed, please let me know!